Water is the driving force behind all life on earth.

Napu'u Water, Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable supply of drinking water to the membership community it serves.

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About Us

Napu'u Water, Inc. (NWI) is a member owned non-profit organization. The company was incorporated in 2005 and began supplying water to its members in 2006. Two wells (each approximately 2,500 feet deep) draw water from the Kiholo Aquifer to provide water to the community in Pu'uanahulu, Pu'u Lani Ranch and Pu'u Wa'awa'a.

The water NWI delivers to its members is of superior quality as documented in the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Click the link below to view the current CCR. CCRs are updated every year by July of the year after the year reported as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act.


For Our Members

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Please help prevent leaks and damage to the water system. If you are planning projects that require digging, contact Operations to locate the water pipes before you dig!


Thanks to all of our members who have their Backflow Preventers in place. Please report any drips you see, even if it's not yours!


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The System

The Napuu Water system comprises many structural elements.

Solar PV Project

The PV project at Pu'u Wa'a Wa'a is now fully operational.

Our Generator

Keeping up with repairs and maintenance is critical.


Send inquiries to admin@napuuwater.com

Additional Contact Information

More specific contact information for members is available on the Members section of this website.

Department of Health
Safe Drinking Water Branch

Kona Distrct Office (808) 322-4880